Successful Long Distance Moving Tips You Should Know

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Are you planning to move to a new town? Or is it across state lines? Well, whatever the case, you need to be fully prepared for your long distance move. Here are some useful long distance moving tips for a successful relocation.

Always Plan Ahead

Keep in mind that long distance moving is a significant life achievement. Therefore, if you need everything to run smoothly, you need to prepare and plan ahead accordingly. Try contacting the top moving companies at least three months before the move. If you’re planning to move in the peak season such as Summer, you should do it at least six months or so prior. If you plan ahead, you can rest assured that nothing will be left behind.

Get Moving Estimates

Contact the local moving company and get an estimate on your move. Of course, the company should send someone to your home who will inspect and assess the total amount of the entire move. If you’re talking to a company that doesn’t want to do a personal assessment, you should look elsewhere.

Whatever you do, avoid using brokers. That’s because they will send your job out to the cheapest mover and it might cause problems later on. Therefore, speak to a company that can conduct an assessment in person and give you an accurate price for the entire move.

Due Diligence

You need to do a lot of research before hiring a moving company. Since not all are equal, you need to find a high-quality long distance moving company. You can use third party sites such as Yelp to find out more about the mover you’re thinking about choosing. Even better, you can look at the testimonials on the company’s site from previous customers. If everything checks out, you’re in good hands.


If you’re planning a long-distance move, you should remember that the entire cost will be based on the weight of the possessions you’re moving with. Therefore, if there are quite some possessions, you might end up paying a lot more for the entire move. Therefore, go through your belongings and throw away whatever you don’t need for the best results.

Of course, for the items that are still in good condition, you can always donate to the less fortunate for the best results. Even better, you can hold a garage sale and get some money back from your possessions regardless of how little. Finally, you can always call the moving company back and conduct a final estimate of the items you’re planning to bring with you to the new house.

Prior Furniture Placement

Before moving, you need to conduct a prior assessment of where the furniture will be placed in the new home. If the new place is a bit smaller, moving with all your current furniture might not be such a good idea since the place will look a bit overcrowded. Therefore, plan what furniture will go into each room. If you don’t have space for any piece of furniture, you need to get rid of it before moving.

Proper Labeling

If you’re clearing out your entire home before moving, you need to label all the boxes correctly. Don’t wait to do the labeling once everything has been packed up. Rather, you should do it while you’re packing. That way, you don’t have to unseal boxes to check the contents to start labeling.

You should write the contents of the boxes as well as the room they are going into. For instance, small items that go to the kitchen should be properly labeled as well as those that go into the master bedroom. That way, the movers have an easy time placing everything in the right room once you get to the new house.

Off-Season Moving And Tax Deductible Expenses

If possible, you should plan your move for the off-season. That’s because most moving companies charge higher during the peak seasons. Of course, if you can’t schedule your move around that time, you can always find a cheaper company that can provide high-quality moving services.

On the other hand, you should remember that moving expenses are tax deductible, especially if you’re relocating because of work. When you file your tax returns, do not forget to deduct the moving expenses and deduct a considerable amount of money.

Finally, you need to get acquainted with the new area. It might not feel like home at first, especially if there are fewer people who know you. Therefore, spend a few hours going around locating the best restaurants, coffee shops, gym or anything else you might need when you’re staying in the area. Hopefully, with these fantastic long distance moving tips, you should have the best moving experience without any instances of damaged or stolen possessions, with the right mover by your side.